Your Practice With CryoNize®


Expand your in-office treatments with proven cryosurgery modalities. When added to your in-office treatment offering, CryoNize is immediately profitable. There is almost no initial investment or ongoing cost of ownership. Additionally, each treatment cost is extremely low in relation to billable revenue creating margins for medical practices. Cryosurgery is commonly administered by physicians and is reimbursable by insurance carriers. CryoNize will have a positive impact on your revenues and not incur high costs.


CryoNize has a portable, compact design with single-handed operation. The lightweight canister and angled CryoNize Zone Applicators allow the practitioner and patient to be in more natural positions during treatments. Treatment times with CryoNize are under 1 minute and do not impact busy schedules of the physician or patient and can be administered during the initial appointment. No special facilities or office improvements required.


  • Our CryoNize Zone Applicators attach directly to the cryogen canister and deliver a precise, accurate treatment. The design is superior to our competitors', and essentially eliminates uncontrolled over-spray and destruction of healthy tissue.
  • CryoNize Zone Applicators are shaped like a cone, and contain the cryogen directly over the treatment area. There are multiple Zone Applicator sizes that enable a precise isolation and demarcation of the lesion. Products using only foam tips lend difficulty to practitioners trying to accurately treat margins of skin lesions.
  • Additionally, the revolutionary Zone Applicator design allows one-handed treatment of skin lesions, so your free hand can be used to help ideally position your patient.
  • The metered dose allows you to deliver additional cryogen on a lesion during the procedure to achieve precise treatment duration.


CryoNize® is indicated for the treatment of genital warts and the following:

Skin Tags
Actinic Keratosis
Seborrheic Keratosis
Verruca Plantaris
Verruca Vulgaris
Verruca Plana