CryoNize® Options

CryoNize provides you with versatility. We offer both a Starter Kit, Replacement Canister, and Replacement Kit for your convenience.

The CryoNize Starter Kit includes our uniquely designed CryoNize Zone Applicators, CryoNize Swab Tip Applicators, and the Cryogen Canister all conveniently organized in a durable carrying case. The CryoNize Zone Applicators can be sterilized and reused.

As an alternative, for practitioners who prefer to not sterilize applicators, a Disposable Set of CryoNize Zone Applicators is available.

Our specialized CryoNize Zone Applicators attach onto the canister and deliver a precise, accurate treatment. The uncontrolled spray from some products is essentially eliminated. The metered dose enables you to deliver cryogen even as you are treating a lesion to achieve precise treatment duration. The applicator allows one-handed treatment of skin lesions, so your free hand can be used to help ideally position your patient.

CryoNize Zone Applicators are shaped like a cone, and the cryogen directly contacts the skin. There are multiple Zone Applicator sizes that allow for precise isolation and demarcation of the lesion. Products using only foam tips lend difficulty to practitioners trying to accurately treat margins of skin lesions.

Try CryoNize and feel the power of the newest generation of portable, disposable cryosurgical devices.